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A collection of my articles on various topics. Some readers may find them interesting.

Business and Economics

Startup Proposal: Intelligent Traffic Signals
A proposal for a startup company to disrupt the century old traffic signal industry, while lowering fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. New!

A New Business Model for the Music Industry
How record companies can actually win big in the next couple decades.

Guitar Electronics

Pickups Part 1: Response Effects of Guitar Pickup Position and Width
Analysis, equations and plots of pickup response curves.

Pickups Part 2: Response Effects of Guitar Pickup Mixing
Analysis, equations and response plots of mixes of pickups.

Parts 1 and 2 were heavily referenced in Paiva, Pakarinen, Välimäki, "Acoustics and Modeling of Pickups", Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, October 2012.

Pickups Part 3: Pickup Response Demonstrator
Try it out!  Move pickups around, draw pretty curves. New!

This is a brand new version. I've tossed the old Java Applet technology and updated this to modern HTML5, cleaned up things, and added lots of features. And it even runs on an iPad.

A Discrete FET Guitar Preamp
A popular example circuit for a guitar preamp based on a single FET stage.

(In the early 2000's, Googling "guitar preamp" brought up this article first.)

An FET Preamp Cable
A phantom-powered preamp built into a 1/4-inch phone plug.

Original Synthesizer Circuits

A Palette of Static Audio Waveforms
Bored with audio oscillator waveforms? Me too. Here is a musically powerful palette of waveforms, including two that didn't have names before. New!

The Quadrature Trapezoid Voltage Controlled Oscillator
An original oscillator topology features quadrature waveform outputs and graceful thru-zero FM.

Voltage Controlled Duty Cycle Sawtooth Circuit
Some quick notes on a circuit I came up that can morph from a sawtooth to a triangle to a reverse sawtooth with a control voltage.

An Interpolating Scanner Circuit
An alternate approach to Juërgen Haible's interpolating scanner.

Keyboards and Synthesizers

Square Wave Variations
Square Waves may appear uninteresting at first...

Moog Synthesizers: Moog Patents
A project to dig up, research, and review all of the patents by Robert Moog and related to Moog synthesizers.

ARP Synthesizers: ARP Patents
A project to dig up, research, and review all of the patents related to ARP Synthesizers.

ARP/Rhodes Chroma: Upgrading the Power Supply ("Nuclear Powered Chroma")
Replace a Rhodes Chroma power supply with a modern switching unit.

Don's Mellotron Page
Mellotron resources, notes, projects, the Mellotronists mailing list and the tale of a restored M400 with Mike Pinder's autograph.

Mellotron/Chamberlin Patent Reviews
Reviews of the Harry Chamberlin Mellotron Patents, as well as the Birotron patents.

[Outdated] Analog Synthesizer Resources
My favorite synthesizer design links.  General, historical, manufacturers, design, schematics, research.

[Outdated] ARP Synthesizers: ARP Resources
A collection of resources for ARP Synthesizers, including the ARP/Rhodes Chroma.

[Outdated] Moog Synthesizers: Moog Resources
A collection of Moog resources.

[Outdated] Hohner Clavinet Resources
A collection of resources for the Hohner Clavinet.