The Latest:

March 2008:

Finally an update... For one thing I brought the web site up to modern post-20th century web standards.  It sure needed it, as things were looking horribly dated.

So what's been happening lately?  To be honest, not a heck of a lot.  The band is basically on ice, as Don has been way busy with his day job and his twin boys and far too many other things.  That said, it's entirely possible we'll get ourselves back productive sometime soon.

Older news:

The BayProg sampler CD is out.  It's a collection of music from 12 San Francisco Bay area progressive rock bands and it features a new piece by Tesseract called On the Edge of an Eclipse.  The CD is included free in the spring 2002 issue of Exposé Magazine.  There's also an MP3 of Eclipse in the Music section of this site.

Contact Info:

Phone: 650 888-9632
Address: Tesseract, P.O. Box 61, Palo Alto, California 94302 USA
Email to the band: tesseract -at-

What on Earth Does Tesseract Mean?

We get asked this a lot.  It's a four dimensional object. The word plays a significant part in the book A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle (1963 Newbery Medal).

Here is a guided tour to make a tesseract.

Don Tillman and some keyboards