BayProg -- Progressive Rock from the San Francisco Bay Area

Nowhere does the term progressive rock include so many sub-genres and styles as in the musically fertile San Francisco Bay Area.  Continuing the rich, ground-breaking tradition of its 1960s music scene, this region today boasts over three dozen progressive rock bands, all dedicated to making creative, inventive, non-mainstream-with-a-vengeance progressive rock music.

Twelve of these bands are featured on BayProg -- Progressive Rock from the San Francisco Bay Area, available free in each copy of the Spring 2002 issue of Exposé Magazine.

This CD features close to 70 minutes of outstanding progressive rock.  The selections run the gamut of a number of known progressive rock genres, including symphonic, rock-in-opposition, neo, space, ambient, and chamber... but also delve into a few styles with which the typical listener may not be familiar, which might be called post-apocalyptic, or avant-cabaret art-rock-circus... well, you'll just have to hear it for yourself.

[CD] BayProg -- Progressive Rock from the San Francisco Bay Area features music from Michael P. Dawson, Gravity Tree, Metaphor, Mind Furniture, Monocaine, Amy X Neuburg & Men, New Sun, Puppet Show, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Spirits Burning, Tesseract and Trap.

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