Welcome to BayProg, a web site of resources for San Francisco Bay Area progressive rock musicians and fans.

Update: Paul Dresher Ensemble, Amy X. Neuberg, Australian Pink Floyd, Tempest, Avalon Rising, Manring/Oster/Weingarten Torn/Manring/Amendola Wishbone Ash, House of Floyd

Barry Cleveland tells us that his music can now be downloaded for free. How cool is that?

New Albums

New albums released by Bay Area progressive rock bands over the last year. Wow, that's a lot.

Do see the latest Ken Burns documentary film:

Ken Burns explains Prog Rock

The BayProg CD

[BayProg CD]

The BayProg compilation CD can be found in the Spring 2002 issue of Exposé Magazine.  It's called BayProg -- Progressive Rock from the San Francisco Bay Area, and features contributions from Michael P. Dawson, Gravity Tree, Metaphor, Mind Furniture, Monocaine, Amy X Neuburg & Men, New Sun, Puppet Show, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Spirits Burning, Tesseract and Trap.

What is this BayProg?

BayProg is the original regional progressive rock web site, first appearing in early 1999.

The goals of BayProg are, roughly:

The BayProg web site has evolved to a pretty hefty size; it's now about 25 pages worth of good stuff.  And the BayProg email list has a little over 150 members.

I want to make BayProg as good as it can be, so please send me any news, updates, additions, ideas or corrections. 

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