Welcome to till.com,
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since 1994.

Electronic Music Articles Original articles about electronics, audio, and business. Includes Don's ARP, Moog and Mellotron patent reviews, guitar pickup analysis, original synthesizer circuits and other good stuff.
BayProg The very first regional Progressive Rock web site, BayProg packs in an awful lot of resources for San Francisco Bay Area prog musicians and fans, including the BayProg email list. Updated every week or so.
Don's Resume What Don does for a living; software engineering, electrical engineering.
Don's Blog Don's Blog is on hold for a little while, so this is the archived material. Sometime in the near future I'll update the platform and get back to it.
Music Don plays guitar, bass, keys, writes, arranges, produces, but not much recently due to a hectic schedule. This links to Tesseract, Don's progressive rock band, currently on ice.